Thursday, June 17, 2010

Runway to Realway: Givenchy Resort 2011 Collection

According to me,
the bold red color and the design on this jacket are cool. But, the whole outfit is a little crazy to wear just walking down the street. I looked around Forever 21 and some other sites for an outfit that would adapt this to the "realway." I like the red skinny jeans (Levi's), but I also think this could work with a dark wash skinny jean. I love the jewelry I found because it resembles the patterns on the Givenchy jacket. I'd love to wear this outfit!

IMGS: Forever,


  1. Red is my favourite colour (: I have a red coat that I love to pieces!

  2. Great incorporation of the colours :D Really chic outfits. I like the second one better though! (:



According to you,


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