Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Productive Day

According to me,
I had a very lucky day at the mall. I found two things I had previously posted! Yay! I found a new bag, and two pairs of sandals. I liked my outfit today too, but my pose is SUPER awkward, sorry. I finally wore the gray sweater vest! I love this bag though. It was twenty dollars (on sale). I had to fight my friend, Gina, for it (the one with the bag from Panama). And I had to debate between the shoes. I love them both, so I had to get both of them. I will definitely be using all three of my new purchases soon :) My other friend, Kathryn, got her cartilage pierced. OUCH. I couldn't do that. It's very cute on her though.

IMGS: Forever21.com, Delias.com


  1. Nice mall haul! I really like your gray vest too. And I have my cartilage pierced. I got it done in 9th (?) grade and I remember it didn't hurt at all. It was just strange to hear.


According to you,


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