Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day-to-Night Dress

According to me,
it's important to have dress that are "day-to-night." Meaning, it can be worn all day a certain way, then worn at night by changing only a few things. A good example of a DTN dress is this Tulle dress I found on The neutral color with a neat pattern serves as a great daytime dress. Pair it with simple sandals, a pendant necklace, a slouchy leather bag, and a light cardigan (if the weather calls for one). Leave your hair down with beachy and relaxed waves. Then, for night, pull your hair back, put on some black heels, a black cropped leather jacket, and trade in the slouchy bag for a simple clutch. The perfect dress for an entire day.



  1. I definitely agree that everyone needs a dress that can be worn day and night and that dress is cute.

  2. Oh those wernt my own photographs. I wish though. the source is down the bottom. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way :)

  3. i love the pictures on your blog! even if they weren't your own haha. most of mine aren't my own


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