Sunday, June 27, 2010

Outfit Alert

According to me,
it's time for a new outfit. I love dresses. Always have, always will. They're just so comfortable. And not to mention, flattering. I'm always on the lookout for a cute new dress. This blue one from Forever 21 is gorgeous! I love the neck! The sleeves are awesome too, you have to love a dress with sleeves. I paired it with these shoes because I have always wanted a pair of booties. The wedge gives it a cool edge. I like the bracelets with this because they have a clean and polished look, just like the dress. Also, if you paired this dress with gladiator sandals it would look really neat. All the straps in the shoes would go well with the neck design.


New Camera

According to me,
I needed this new camera. It's awesome. 12 megapixels. IN LOVE.


Saturday, June 26, 2010


According to me,
Zooey Deschanel is great. I love her band She & Him. The music is so relaxed and happy. Their album art is really cute too. I love the video for In the Sun. Zooey has such great style too. I loved her in Elf and Yes Man. She has it all :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Skirt, Three Outfits

According to me,
any piece of clothing should belong to at least three outfits. This skirt is a great example of a piece with versatility. First, you can wear it with a simple T-shirt (tucked in) and some casual sandals. I personally like these sandals from Forever 21, the texture of them would mix well with the skirt. Second, you could wear this skirt with a button down (tucked in) and a navy blazer with some flats. Business chic. Third, pair it with a bright colored tank top (tucked in, of course) and some crazy high heels for a great night look. Always require your clothing to work with at least three outfits :)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Tunes

According to me,
these are the songs that will always be on my playlists this summer.

  1. At or With Me - Jack Johnson
  2. Over - Drake
  3. Don't Slow Down - Matt & Kim
  4. Feeling Good - Muse
  5. Sunshine - Matt Costa
  6. Notion - Kings of Leon
  7. Hey Soul Sister - Train
  8. Only the Ocean - Jack Johnson
  9. Getting Better - The Beatles
  10. Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha
I suggest checking all of them out (even though you've probably already heard a couple). Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Runway to Realway: Givenchy Resort 2011 Collection

According to me,
the bold red color and the design on this jacket are cool. But, the whole outfit is a little crazy to wear just walking down the street. I looked around Forever 21 and some other sites for an outfit that would adapt this to the "realway." I like the red skinny jeans (Levi's), but I also think this could work with a dark wash skinny jean. I love the jewelry I found because it resembles the patterns on the Givenchy jacket. I'd love to wear this outfit!

IMGS: Forever,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Classy Studs

According to me,
classy stud earrings are key to a complete wardrobe. I'm a short person and have a short neck, so I've never liked long earrings. I'm more of a stud person. But I think that everyone looks good in classic studs. Diamonds, pearls, and flowers are my favorite. I found all of these at Forever 21. I actually almost bought the golden flowers with diamonds in the middle the other day. Stud earrings are great because they add the perfect amount of accessory. You can still wear an awesome necklace with them.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Productive Day

According to me,
I had a very lucky day at the mall. I found two things I had previously posted! Yay! I found a new bag, and two pairs of sandals. I liked my outfit today too, but my pose is SUPER awkward, sorry. I finally wore the gray sweater vest! I love this bag though. It was twenty dollars (on sale). I had to fight my friend, Gina, for it (the one with the bag from Panama). And I had to debate between the shoes. I love them both, so I had to get both of them. I will definitely be using all three of my new purchases soon :) My other friend, Kathryn, got her cartilage pierced. OUCH. I couldn't do that. It's very cute on her though.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Cool Bags

According to me,
a nice, big, cute bag is a necessity. I haven't been liking my current bags lately, so I surfed the web to find some cute replacements. I'm not sure which one I'll go after, but hopefully I'll find a good one. I'm taking a trip to the mall tomorrow, so wish me luck!
The brown messenger bag is from Delias, the white quilted one and the black quilted one are from AMI Clubwear, the red one is from Forever 21. I'm leaning towards the red one. I love the strap and the pockets on the front. But the black quilted one is really cool too, I love the clasp.


Jason Wu Spring 2010 RTW

According to me,
I should have looked at Jason Wu'c collection sooner. I haven't really paid him attention before, but I'm glad I did today. These dresses, skirts, sweaters, and skirts are amazing. I love the collared shirts and blazers (I currently want one of both!). The belts and high waisted skirts are really neat. I love the patterns (especially the black and white dress). His colors are awesome too, the yellow is my favorite. This collection will definitely be inspiring some of my future outfits.


Current Wants

According to me,
these would make a nice addition to my closet. I don't want them to wear together or anything, I was just surfing some stores and I'd like to own these haha. I especially love those sandals from Forever 21. The heel is so cute! The jeans are from American Eagle, I think the lighter wash and rips have a neat edgy vibe. I love the blue high-waisted skirt from Forever 21. I feel like it would be my go-to skirt. The blazer is from I'd love to wear that over a simple tank top with some jeans or shorts. I'd leave it unbuttoned and wear a big necklace with it.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2010 RTW

According to me,
these clothes are perfectly girly. I love the muted colors and cut of the skirts and dresses. the cute bags and belts add a nice finishing touch. My favorite part of her collection are the assorted flower brooches/pins most of the models sported on their left shoulders.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Street Style

According to me,
this outfit rocks. My friend Allison Kay and I decided to do a photo shoot today, and this was the outstanding product. She's wearing home-made shorts from Abercrombie, a white tank top from Target, a blue collared blouse from Walmart, a navy blue blazer by Isaac Mizrahi, a multi-stranded necklace from Forever 21, earrings from a Hallmark store, an owl ring from Forever 21, a black rose ring from Target, and a black leather bag from H&M. I picked out her outfit and did her hair, and my sister did her makeup (she works for Clinique). Allison Kay is a model and I use her often :) We loved how the shoot turned out, I took about 400 pictures.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day-to-Night Dress

According to me,
it's important to have dress that are "day-to-night." Meaning, it can be worn all day a certain way, then worn at night by changing only a few things. A good example of a DTN dress is this Tulle dress I found on The neutral color with a neat pattern serves as a great daytime dress. Pair it with simple sandals, a pendant necklace, a slouchy leather bag, and a light cardigan (if the weather calls for one). Leave your hair down with beachy and relaxed waves. Then, for night, pull your hair back, put on some black heels, a black cropped leather jacket, and trade in the slouchy bag for a simple clutch. The perfect dress for an entire day.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boyfriend Button Down

According to me,
I need one of these. I could either by one, or steal one from my dad or boyfriend. Wearing a button down over a tank top with a pair of jeans shorts is a great summer look. Also, if you wear it as a dress (make sure it's long enough!) with a big belt to define your waist and a pair of chunky boots it could be a great date look. I'm a fan of the blue tones, personally, with brown belts/boots/jewelry. I need to get one!

IMGS: (1st) (2nd) (3rd)


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