Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Runway: Week One

According to me,
this group of designers is so diverse. They have so many ages and different aesthetics. My initial favorites: Gretchen Jones, Michael Costello, and Sarah Trost. Gretchen won this episode, with a super cool and simple dress. I loved how the hem went lower in the back! Michael designed a cute pink and black dress that mixed voluminous and form-fitting materials. Sarah's was a cool and cute romper. I thought the craftsmanship was great.
Initial dislikes? Peach Carr, Casanova, and Ivy Higa. All three of them seem whiny and boring. What the heck was that dress Casanova designed??? It was INSANE. So bad. I felt bad for McKell Maddox, who was the first to go. Her garment was definitely way better than Casanova's!
I can't find pictures online from tonight's show, but here's the link for the Project Runway homepage on Lifetime's website. Take a look at the designers and some of their designs.
On a side note, Heidi's hair is gorgeous :)


According to me,
backpacks are necessary, but who says it can't be cute? I found some cute backpacks at Forever 21 and thought I'd share. I love the messenger bags, but the two strapped are practical. Hopefully I'll get one of each for next year!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink Lips and Blonde Hair

According to me,
this lip color works so well on her. These are of my sister. I styled her and took the pictures. Someone suggested in a comment that I post some more pictures, so I'm going to do so. The last one is my favorite; I love her eyes. Let me know what you think of these! I'll post more when I get the chance :)

Sold Out Shoes :(

According to me,
it's extremely sad when you wait ONE day to order something offline, and it's sold out the next day. I found these adorable oxford flats at Forever 21 for only $12. I went back to buy them this morning and they were sold out :( I've found a few others at Delia's, but they're all a lot more expensive. I'm quite sad. Tell me which of these you like best, because I can't decide! One of them are boater shoes, not oxfords, but I love them too haha. Pick one!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Armani Privé Fall 2010 Couture

According to me,
this collection is the perfect mixture of feminine and masculine style. The dresses flow and drape beautifully, but the jackets and pants are structured enough to be considered masculine. I love the large brown clutch too, it's gorgeous. The best part of the collection has to be the evening gowns towards the end of the collection. The volume and sparkles are to die for.

Project Runway starts next week! I actually had no idea until I read it on Closet Fashionista's blog. I'm glad I did, because I haven't been keeping up with TV shows at all lately. Thanks for letting us know :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Outfit Alert

According to me,
this dress could go with just about anything. I plan on buying it (hopefully...haha), and this is what I would pair it with. First, I thought a dark jean jacket, slightly cropped, would look good with this. Because it's not full length, it still allows the dress to define and show your waist. I liked these boots with the dress because they're tough and edgy, but by leaving them unlaced and folded over part way, they're somewhat soft and girly. I chose these sunglasses purely because they're so cool looking. A bold cat eye is super trendy and eye-catching. I picked this bag because it's relaxed and soft, but can still hold a lot and is easy to carry. I topped it off with this orange cracked ring because it'll give the outfit a tiny pop of color that really will make a difference.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fashion Finds

According to me,
today went well. I wore my fabulous red blazer, finally. I paired it with jean shorts that I made from old capris, a plain white cami, a long heart necklace, gold stud earrings, my gold owl ring, my go-to brown sandals, and my new purse. I thought it was a success.
While shopping, I found this cute navy blue skirt from H&M for only $6! I love it. I also bought this gold feather ring from XXI Forever. I've seen it every time I go into a Forever 21, but they never have it in my size. Today, they finally did :)
I used Clinique's cream eyeshadow for the first time today. It is AMAZING! It stays on all day and looks great. I would completely recommend it. I used the shade shimmering nude, then layered the brown shade from the strawberry fudge duo over it.
I had success with the girl I took shopping today! She bought really cute clothes from Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, and shoes from Payless. A successful day.

Sky Ferriera for Elle Magazine

According to me,
this girl has great clothes. She has an awesome mix of hard and soft pieces. Her hair pulls it all together fantastically. The plaid shirt is probably my favorite piece. She pulls it off nicely. I love the heeled clogs too, they have a certain edge to them. The other thing I love about this girl are her eyebrows! They are such a nice shape. They look great on her.

On another note, I'm going shopping tomorrow. I'll be introducing someone into the world of fashion. Let's hope it's a success!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Fashion Day

According to me,
today was a pleasant surprise. I went to a cute down-town area because it was having an art fair of sorts. I wasn't expecting much, but you never know. I set myself a money limit: $10. Yikes. Low, I know. But I've been going through money like crazy lately.
I was walking by a resale shop when I spotted a basket full of colorful scarves. They were the smaller square ones. I figured, why not? I've never owned a small scarf before. I picked one that's bright blue with green and pink flowers on it (it'll look great tied to my big tan leather bag!). I went in to pay for it, and it was only 53 cents! A complete steal, in my opinion. I realized everything in the store was half off. Heaven? Yes.
I was scanning the racks and saw a whole section devoted to blazers. It was fate (or something like that...haha). I have been searching for a blazer constantly! I decided on a red one. It's amazing. I cannot wait to wear it. Also, I found a small brown leather purse with a short chain handle. It was really cheap and I figured it would look cute with a lot of outfits. All in all, that store was a huge hit in my book.
The best part? I only exceded my spending limit by 57 cents :) Well worth it.
Later, I went back to my boyfriend's and he had some extra button down shirts he didn't need anymore. JACKPOT. I was given one :) It's light blue and amazing. It might be long enough to be worn as a dress, we'll see haha.
Pictures of my new finds will hopefully be up soon. I thoroughly enjoyed my day :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shopping List

According to me,
I need to be stylishly prepared for my first year of college. I've created a list of things I think I'll need to be so. Hopefully I'll grab all of these items before summer is over, wish me luck!

  • a plain black or gray blazer
  • a fun color or patterned blazer
  • a loose fitting neutral colored cardigan
  • a muted pink or blue cardigan
  • many tank tops in many colors
  • a brightly colored and structured winter jacket
  • a leather messenger bag
  • cool sneakers
  • lace up booties in brown and black (heels and flats)
  • a shirt with a tie at the neck
  • super skinny dark wash jeans
  • skinny ripped light wash jeans
  • black tights
  • patterned tights
  • tall brown and black boots
  • a light wash jean jacket
  • a collared shirt dress
  • a new leather purse
If you have any suggestions of things to add to my list, please comment! Or if you have found any of these items, let me know :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Tank, Three Outfits

According to me,
any piece of clothing should belong to at least three outfits. This flowy black tank top with crochet work on the back serves that purpose. First, I would pair it with this patterned skirt (tuck it in!) and some brown sandals. It'd be an overall relaxed outfit, and a great mixture of neutrals. Next, I'd put it under this floral blazer with some simple cuffed shorts. It's a comfortable but somewhat edgy look. Pair that with bright colored sandals. Lastly, for a more daring look, wear the tank over these liquid leggings. Put on some killer heels, big bracelets, red lips, and messy hair, and you have an instant sexy but cool look.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chanel Fall 2010 Couture

According to me,
this collection is contradictory. It uses both structure and volume to create a unique shape. The colors are dark and heavy (including camel, which is very hot for this fall). There was a mixture of plain and embellished. Karl Lagerfeld created interesting pieces and paired them with bulky yet pretty bracelets and mid-calf slouchy boots. The messy "unbrushed" hair calmed the collection down, and the classic makeup held it together. I love the jackets in this collection the most. They're all so unique and different.


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Perfect Shopping Outfit

According to me,
a shopping outfit has to be very comfortable, but also stylish. It's important to wear separates, comfortable shoes, and to have an organized bag. Also, wear one bold accessory to liven up your outfit. I chose these jean shorts (minus the belt), plain white tank top, and patterned blazer (all from Forever 21) because they're easy to try clothes on with. Wearing a dress is never a good idea, because then you are stuck when all you want to try on is shirts or bottoms. I like the flat black booties I found from Delia's because they go well with the outfit and would be comfortable for walking. This yellow fossil bag is perfect for the mall. It has a long strap so it can be carried easily, and has lots of room. Finally, I love this necklace because it's super cool and chic, but it won't get in the way.

Sorry for the absence! I was camping :)



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