Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer 2010 Must Haves

According to me,
these are the five pieces one needs to survive summer 2010.
  1. Loose short-sleeved sweater
  2. Quilted purse
  3. Colored sandals
  4. Colored shades
  5. Floral dress

These are the five things I’ll keep handy throughout summer 2010. They all have a more relaxed and playful vibe to them, which I feel is necessary for this summer. The floral dress is an obvious summer staple. It's your go-to item when in doubt. Both the colored sandals (preferably braided or gladiator) and the colored shades will bring your shorts, skirts and dresses to the next level. And the quilted bag? Why carry around a large, bulky purse when you can use a simple quilted bad with a long strap. It's both convenient and cute. And the sweater. It may be a bit much for the warm weather, but it looks fantastic with simple shorts and some bangles. I discovered this outfit two weeks ago and fell in love with it.

Where to get these necessities? Forever 21, Target, Charlotte Russe and Delia*s have great selections for all five. I particularly recommend Forever 21 for the short-sleeved sweater. They have great selections in Forever 21 stores and Heritage 1981 stores.

IMG: Forever

What is style?

style(noun):a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting
According to me,
style is who you are. Style is what you are. Style is you.
It’s not a certain thing. It will forever be changing and altering and evolving. Everyone’s style is different and unique. There is no such thing as incorrect style.
Style needs constant modification and innovation. Influence from other people and places is necessary, it creates a new and individual style that suites one’s own interests and tastes.
Inspiration comes from anything.
I draw inspiration from designers, magazines, songs, nature, photography, art and other people. The world is here to excite and create our own personal style.


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