Monday, June 14, 2010

Cool Bags

According to me,
a nice, big, cute bag is a necessity. I haven't been liking my current bags lately, so I surfed the web to find some cute replacements. I'm not sure which one I'll go after, but hopefully I'll find a good one. I'm taking a trip to the mall tomorrow, so wish me luck!
The brown messenger bag is from Delias, the white quilted one and the black quilted one are from AMI Clubwear, the red one is from Forever 21. I'm leaning towards the red one. I love the strap and the pockets on the front. But the black quilted one is really cool too, I love the clasp.



  1. Thanks for dropping by! Really appreciate it. :D

    Love the chain strap of the white one. And the black one's so pretty! Haha good luck with your search! :D And thanks for the tip on jeans too, I'll definitely be checking out my nearest f21.

    Keep the great posts coming! :D


  2. I love the third one! It's so marc jacobsy.


According to you,


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