Thursday, May 31, 2012

Social Media Storm

According to me,
social media begins to overwhelm me at times. I know I'm not the only one. Who has time to create an extensive bookmarking system on their browser to keep track of all the sites they love and remember how to find their way through their own system?? Certainly not me. I tried the bookmark system and failed miserably. I even tried devoting one browser entirely to my blog and all sites related, but the browser was way too slow to deal with (and I thought Firefox was supposed to be awesome...).
So, back on Chrome, I've been searching for a great way to organize all of my sites that I like to visit on a daily basis. I always knew that Chrome had the app store, but I'd never really explored it. Being bored today (and avoiding much needed studying), I decided to take a peak and came upon a few gadgets that really help me to keep organized.

First, Evernote. Some of you may use this already, and if you don't, start. You can sink your browser, desktop, and smart phone all at once. It's pretty handy seeing as I'm always jumping in between my phone and my laptop. You can take pictures, add notes, to do lists, inspirations, basically anything you want. You can also add labels and organize your "notes" into their own notebooks. I really like it because I tend to take pictures of stuff I like, but they end up getting forgotten on my phone. Now I can pop them into Evernote and it reminds me when I get back onto my laptop.

Second, persona/. This is pretty cool because it takes all of your social medias and RSS feeds and puts them into one organized newsfeed. I like this because I'll never forget to visit a site. I can just jump on this and it's all right in front of me. The only downside is that I spend way too much time leafing through all the new posts and pictures. You can even clip stuff straight from this into Evernote.

I'm trying to add a little organization in my life cause I always feel so spread out. Hopefully this can help me to get my head in the game and blog more. I've been neglecting this way too much. And I'm so behind on my magazines! That's never a good thing. So if you guys are feeling flustered with all the social media and blogs out there, I suggest those two devices to keep yourself organized and insane! And if you don't feel overwhelmed from all the stuff out there, give me some tips cause you must be awesomely organized!

And there's a nice picture to help ya relax haha. I didn't take it, but I love the bokeh effect in it!


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