Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Long Hiatus

According to me,
college takes up a lot of my time. I really don't have time to blog anymore :( Which is really depressing. I still wear clothes I love and talk to new people I meet about fashion, but I really don't have time to sit down and create posts anymore. So, I pretty much won't be blogging until I have breaks from school. I might post every now and then, but school comes first. I'm keeping it fashionable though, don't worry :)
Enjoy your year and your blogs :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

One Blouse, Three Outfits

According to me, 
this blouse is so adorable and versatile. I love the polka dots :) These are the few outfits I came up for it. I used urban outfitters because I now live right by one!! It's awesome :) I'm planning to shop this weekend. Wish me luck! Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outfits: First Week of College

According to me,
the first week of college was fun, but beyond busy. My classes are all really cool, but I get a lot of homework. Ah well, I will work hard. For my fashion choices, I went for stylish but comfortable clothes. So lots of sweaters and jeans. My shoe broke though! The black flip-flops with a strap across the middle. It was a sad day.
Tell me what you think! Enjoy :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Music: The Foo Fighters

According to me,
the Foo Fighters have a very distinct style. Most wouldn't even consider them to be a source of inspiration for fashion, but I most certainly do. They're obviously rock, and they utilize the ripped jeans, graphic Ts, and chucks look. Dave Grohl, the lead singer and guitarist, has a signature look. It's rough, but very interesting. I visited their official website and grabbed some photos to share with you guys. Enjoy :)

In unrelated news, college is great. But I have a lot of classes and a lot of homework, so I won't be able to blog as much as I'd like :( I've been taking pictures of most of my outfits though! Hopefully I'll post them soon.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Icon: Audrey Hepburn

According to me,
Audrey Hepburn is one of the most influential figures in the fashion world. She has a classic style that will forever affect clothing choices. From Breakfast at Tiffany's to Roman Holiday, her style is timeless. The most common character she portrays is Ms. Holly Golightly, the spunky and always fashionable escort who falls in love with George Peppard. Hepburn's iconic dresses in Breakfast at Tiffany's define the "little black dress." She also uses accessories, such as hats, gloves, and jewelry to her extreme advantage. Her hair is always minimal and effortless, but still chic. She gives meaning to the strong brow. She rocks the winged liner and red lips. She has what every fashionista aspires to obtain, a permanent place and influence in the fashion world. I've created a couple looks that I think correctly channel her style. Also, I just bought a big poster for my dorm room that features Audrey Hepburn; it's for everyday inspiration. Enjoy :)

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