Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orange Pattern

According to me,
I adore this sweater I just bought from H&M. Only $12! I had so many ideas of outfits to wear with it, so I started with this one. I loved the mix of a bright color and a crazy pattern. I decided to pile on a few bracelets more than I normally do. Top it off with my white watch and a pair of my glasses and I'm good to go.

Sweater: H&M
Tank: Target
Skirt: Pitaya
Belt: Vintage
Bracelets: Forever 21, Fossil, Vintage
Watch: Fossil

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blush Draping

According to me,
I adore this color. Blush. It's so pretty and soft. And, here's another pair of new shorts! These are draped shorts form Old Navy. I really love how they fit. But I discovered that they were more for standing, not walking. They are a bit goofy when I walk haha.
I've taken to wearing my hair up in a bun lately. I need a haircut badly, all of my layers are grown out funny. Thankfully I scheduled a haircut for this week!

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: Old Navy
Bracelet: Fossil
Watch: Fossil
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Eurostep

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Item Three Ways: White Shorts

According to me,
I have never gone back and compared outfits that I've posted about in the past. But today, I was slightly bored, so I decided to do just that. I ended up putting together "one item three ways" collections.
Here is the first of many; my favorite white shorts, in three ways that I've used them.

Left: Here I paired it with a simple gray shirt and this purple belt. I like the simplicity of it. Plus, I love to pair purple and gray together.

Center: On this day I wore it with one of my favorite tops. It's a crop top, but I tucked it into the pants and threw on my go-to high waisted belt.

Right: Here I went for comfort. I paired the white shorts with this indigo top. Like the outfit on the left, it has a really simple color scheme. But, the bag gives it a pop of something different.

What do you guys think? Did I remix my white shorts well?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitted Top-Sider

According to me,
this is not my normal style, but I actually really like it. I've been disliking these jeans for a while now, something about the length was really annoying me. Today, I cuffed them to see what they looked like. Voila! They're my new favorite pants!
I thought the cropped pant would look good with my new Sperry look-a-likes. Throw on a knitted hat and you're good to go!

I've recently acquired new makeup, new jeans, a sweater, and a new hat. Posts about them will hopefully be coming soon!

Shirt: JCPenney
Tank: Aeropostale
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Eurostep
Hat: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage

P.S. Don't you love my awkward sitting picture? :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Shorts

According to me,
I'm so happy that I finally have shorts to wear! I'm no longer stuck with just my white ones and jean ones. I wore this sweater with these shorts for a simple look for lunch. The sweater is really awesome, it has a zipper up the back. Next time I wear it, I'll try to remember to get a picture!

Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Fossil

Monday, August 22, 2011

New In

According to me,
here are my new buys from the outlet mall I visited last week!

Messenger bag from Fossil:

Sperry Top-Sider look alikes. I couldn't find Sperrys in a wide to fit my feet!

Four pairs of shorts from Gap and Old Navy:

Plus, here's an inspiration board I made. I used pictures from different blogs that I love to read. I'll be updating this as often as I find a killer outfit that needs posting!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leopard Blazer

According to me,
I need to get more creative with my outfit shoots. I'm always in the same spot. It gets boring.

But here's the blazer I bought! I love it. I've never owned a black blazer before. I wore this outfit to work; I was very proud of myself because I wore these heels for my entire 7 hour shift. Don't make fun, that's an accomplishment for me!

Hopefully I'll take pictures of my buys from the outlets soon, I've been working a lot this week and haven't gotten the chance yet. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Blazer: Target
Tank Top: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Payless

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello Bow

According to me,
some days I just want to have fun. Apparently in my mind, fun means wearing a giant pink bow.
But be honest, who doesn't want to look like Hello Kitty? She's rather amazing.

So I'll throw this out there: bust or must? I work this to work. Some people probably thought I was insane. But it was fun!

Today I went to an outlet mall with my mom and grandma. Oh boy. I broke the rules for my monthly budget BIG time. You'll hear more about it soon (but in my opinion, it was all worth it!).

Headband: For Love 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Tank Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Fossil
(it was one of those one-store-outfit days again)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need for Novelty

According to me,
do you ever have those days when you absolutely can't find anything to wear? I go through periods lasting a week or two when I feel like my entire closet is full of nothing. It usually happens when a season is coming to an end and another is beginning. My head is full of all the new fall pieces coming out and all of my summer clothes look boring.
But, it's still summer. So I have to suck it up and make do with the clothes I have! Obviously my clothes aren't worthless and outdated, it just seems like it because I don't have any new fall stuff to keep me entertained. The sad part of all this is that I don't have the money to go out and buy fun fall stuff. I can afford maybe a piece or two, but that's about it. So hopefully I can style all of my clothes differently from last year so I don't feel like my closet is worthless.

Do you ever have days like that?

Skirt: H&M
Top: Target
Shoes: Forever 21
Earrings: Vintage
Necklace: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lipstick Lust

According to me,
I love makeup. It's so fun. I wish I played with different styles more!
I ordered new stuff from Clinique today, so I'll post about those in a week or so when I get them. For now, here's my makeup from the other day. I love wearing lipstick; I don't use it enough!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogger Feature: Chic on the Cheap

According to me,
Chic on the Cheap is one blog I look forward to visiting every day. She truly shows us fashionable and affordable outfits. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Lydia. So here are some questions I asked her and some of her favorite outfits.
I strongly suggest that you go visit her blog (click here to do so). You're in for a treat!

Hi, I'm Lydia from Chic on the Cheap. Somewhere between being a frugal, denim overalls loving teenager, and a not quite adult adult I became addicted to fashion. I love to have fun with my work wear, and I'm perpetually overdressed. Fortunately people have finally stopped with the most annoying question in the world "What are you so dressed up for?"!
1.       What inspired you to start your own fashion blog?
It was a purse. And a somewhat silly story that I had to tell about it, and I just had to let the whole world know.
2.       What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I love that it gives me the motivation to do something creative each and every day. From choosing my clothes and creating my outfits, to taking the photos and then editing the photos, writing up the post -- it takes a lot of time, but I think it's important to keep the artistic part of my brain active.

3.       Who is your fashion icon?
I look up to anyone who is brave enough to do something new and bold, and still be chic. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers who are constantly inspiring me!
4.       What is your favorite blog to read? 
I can't really choose one single blog, but I like to read any blog who's author I've developed a relationship with, it's always more interesting when you feel like you really know the person.
And of course anyone who consistently has top notch photography - my eyes like to feast.

5.       What is your favorite current trend? 
Bright colors, piled on. I can't get enough of them during the summer!

6.       Who is your favorite designer?
I don't really have one (aren't I a horrible fashionista?)

7.       What is your favorite place to shop?
My favorite place to fantasy shop, or my favorite place to actually shop?
For reality, I'd have to say TJMaxx, I love my deals!

8.       What’s one trend you’d love to see make a reappearance? 
Haven't they all come back? There were definitely a few I wish hadn't! *cough*Harem Pants*cough*

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Indigo Hardware

According to me,
this belt, shorts, and the shirt? You've seen. I'm back to the trouble of not having a lot of options. But, looking into my closet, I realize that when it comes to fall, winter, and spring, I have a TON of options. But summer? Out of luck. I have two pairs of shorts that I like. I have probably three skirts that work well for daily wear. I have a lot of tank tops and t-shirts, but they aren't fun to wear all the time.
So, moral of the story, I end up wearing a skirt and a normal top most days. I play it up with different shoes and accessories, but I want more options!
I'm demanding, I know. Drama.

Top: Target
Shorts: Target
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil


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