Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage Sales

According to me,
garage sales are mostly annoying and chaotic and worthless, but on occasion you can find something fabulous. I went on my annual garage sale tour today and found some great stuff. I got two purses (as you can see in the picture). One is a clutch/wallet. It's a good size and i loved the British feel to it. The other is a mid-size purse. It's pretty much a carpet pattern with fringe on the outside. I fell in love with it. At first glance, it's a little ugly, but the pattern is really cool. I think it'll give a neat vibe to an outfit, I hope to use it soon.
I also went to For Love 21 today and found that awesome owl necklace. It's a perfect length and the colors are awesome.
I enjoyed my outfit today. I wore black Target shorts, an over-sized white cardigan from Forever 21, white low-top Converse All Stars, my yellow quilted purse, my Fossil watch, and black sunglasses from For Love 21. I like the mix of sporty (the shorts and shoes) with volume (the cardigan). I thought it worked well, and I've been meaning to wear my Converse with some shorts :)

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