Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Runway: Week One

According to me,
this group of designers is so diverse. They have so many ages and different aesthetics. My initial favorites: Gretchen Jones, Michael Costello, and Sarah Trost. Gretchen won this episode, with a super cool and simple dress. I loved how the hem went lower in the back! Michael designed a cute pink and black dress that mixed voluminous and form-fitting materials. Sarah's was a cool and cute romper. I thought the craftsmanship was great.
Initial dislikes? Peach Carr, Casanova, and Ivy Higa. All three of them seem whiny and boring. What the heck was that dress Casanova designed??? It was INSANE. So bad. I felt bad for McKell Maddox, who was the first to go. Her garment was definitely way better than Casanova's!
I can't find pictures online from tonight's show, but here's the link for the Project Runway homepage on Lifetime's website. Take a look at the designers and some of their designs.
On a side note, Heidi's hair is gorgeous :)


According to you,


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