Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shopping List

According to me,
I need to be stylishly prepared for my first year of college. I've created a list of things I think I'll need to be so. Hopefully I'll grab all of these items before summer is over, wish me luck!

  • a plain black or gray blazer
  • a fun color or patterned blazer
  • a loose fitting neutral colored cardigan
  • a muted pink or blue cardigan
  • many tank tops in many colors
  • a brightly colored and structured winter jacket
  • a leather messenger bag
  • cool sneakers
  • lace up booties in brown and black (heels and flats)
  • a shirt with a tie at the neck
  • super skinny dark wash jeans
  • skinny ripped light wash jeans
  • black tights
  • patterned tights
  • tall brown and black boots
  • a light wash jean jacket
  • a collared shirt dress
  • a new leather purse
If you have any suggestions of things to add to my list, please comment! Or if you have found any of these items, let me know :)


  1. Great list!! Hmm...trying to think of what else you will need...
    maybe some cute rain boots for when its pouring and you have to walk to class, I didn't decide I needed them until it was too late and not worth it to buy them. :p

  2. a high waisted skirt!!! i swear they are perfect if its a neutral- fall to winter to spring. when its cold just throw some tights on underneath :) good list!

  3. i looking for a denim jacket too! thanks for commenting on my blog! i would really appricate it if you could follow my blog like how i followed yours! thanks!! <3


According to you,


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