Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Different Jean Skirt

According to me,
a jean skirt is a must have in any wardrobe. Sometimes it just works with an outfit. I went to the newly opened XXI Forever near me, and was determined to buy something. Seeing as Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop, that wasn't going to be a challenge. I found this "different" jean skirt. It's high waisted and has bronze buttons down the front. I love how it fits and flows. While in line to buy it, I had already come up with 3 outfits to wear it with :) I'll most likely wear it with a white tank top (tucked in), brown studded sandals, and a long pendant necklace. I'll post a picture once I wear it.


  1. The skirt is cute and so versatile, great buy!

  2. this skirt is so adorable, great find!
    follow me, and i'll return the favor :)

  3. i like it :)

  4. Cute skirt! Very versatile.
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According to you,


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