Monday, August 2, 2010

The Start of My College Wardrobe

According to me,
looking great next year is a must. Everyone thinks I'm silly because I'm on the hunt for a (semi) new wardrobe. I think it's necessary though. A new start, so new clothes :) Here are some of the items I picked up today. First, a simple black skirt from XXI Forever. This isn't the exact one, but close enough haha. Next is a loose knit top, which I actually found in a dark gray color (surprisingly, I bought all gray today. I'm just drawn to it). It looks really cool tucked into skirts. I also found this AWESOME cardigan at XXI Forever. It's long and chunky, but it will look awesome with some light wash jeggings I bought at target. But, little did I know, this cardigan is actually from the mens' section...oops. I had no idea at the time, I just found out when I went to get a picture of it. Well, I don't care! Haha, it fits great and will be so comfy to wear. I love it! Apparently I have a secret knack for menswear, I have that shirt from my boyfriend, and I accidently picked out mens' glasses. They look good, so I don't care! Today I was mainly on the hunt for jeans, and I found two great pairs at Delia's. One super skinny fit (Taylor) and one skinny fit (Morgan). Both are amazing :) Lastly, I popped into Aeropostale. I normally wouldn't even go in there, but everything was 50% off. So I had to look. I grabbed 3 camis in neutral colors: navy blue, black and white. I know I'll use them a lot.
So that was my successful shopping day :) It will serve me well next year! I really should stop saying next's actually only a month away. I'm so excited!!


  1. really cute!

  2. great staples!
    and curly hair? i gotta love a natural banana curl girl haha


According to you,


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