Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Fashion Day

According to me,
today was a pleasant surprise. I went to a cute down-town area because it was having an art fair of sorts. I wasn't expecting much, but you never know. I set myself a money limit: $10. Yikes. Low, I know. But I've been going through money like crazy lately.
I was walking by a resale shop when I spotted a basket full of colorful scarves. They were the smaller square ones. I figured, why not? I've never owned a small scarf before. I picked one that's bright blue with green and pink flowers on it (it'll look great tied to my big tan leather bag!). I went in to pay for it, and it was only 53 cents! A complete steal, in my opinion. I realized everything in the store was half off. Heaven? Yes.
I was scanning the racks and saw a whole section devoted to blazers. It was fate (or something like that...haha). I have been searching for a blazer constantly! I decided on a red one. It's amazing. I cannot wait to wear it. Also, I found a small brown leather purse with a short chain handle. It was really cheap and I figured it would look cute with a lot of outfits. All in all, that store was a huge hit in my book.
The best part? I only exceded my spending limit by 57 cents :) Well worth it.
Later, I went back to my boyfriend's and he had some extra button down shirts he didn't need anymore. JACKPOT. I was given one :) It's light blue and amazing. It might be long enough to be worn as a dress, we'll see haha.
Pictures of my new finds will hopefully be up soon. I thoroughly enjoyed my day :)


  1. WOOO! That's pretty awesome, I really wish we had places I could go around here where there were flea markets. But my friends wouldn't want to go...maybe my mom would though haha

    Haha! I would have got mine at target too, if I got them, that is.

  2. Aww that sounds great!! I wish there were some resale stores round my area, real glad for you bout your amazing finds! :D I love stealing stuff from guys too hahaa.

    And thanks so much for your sweet comment! :D Glad you got a blazer, and in red too! Having some eriously envy here! Lol


  3. WHATTT thats soo amazing! i cant wait to see the red blazer it sounds so bold and cool... anyways i followed your cute blog and i would love it if you checked out mine and followed if youd like

  4. That sounds awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures.


  5. wow! way to stay on budget--mostly! :D


According to you,


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