Monday, July 12, 2010

The Perfect Shopping Outfit

According to me,
a shopping outfit has to be very comfortable, but also stylish. It's important to wear separates, comfortable shoes, and to have an organized bag. Also, wear one bold accessory to liven up your outfit. I chose these jean shorts (minus the belt), plain white tank top, and patterned blazer (all from Forever 21) because they're easy to try clothes on with. Wearing a dress is never a good idea, because then you are stuck when all you want to try on is shirts or bottoms. I like the flat black booties I found from Delia's because they go well with the outfit and would be comfortable for walking. This yellow fossil bag is perfect for the mall. It has a long strap so it can be carried easily, and has lots of room. Finally, I love this necklace because it's super cool and chic, but it won't get in the way.

Sorry for the absence! I was camping :)



  1. Oooh great shopping outfit!! :D I wear dresses a lot though, easier...since you're in a dressing room anyway it doesn't matter, haha.

  2. i really like has to be comfortable in anyway....soo it'S good
    I like your header-pic


According to you,


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