Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indigo Elephants

According to me,
I desperately need to get back into the swing of blogging. I think I've been so disorganized and unproductive because I haven't worked a lot the past 2 weeks. Working always motivates me haha. I worked last night and I work tomorrow, but today I will be getting a haircut, reading (of course), and maybe seeing fireworks with some friends.
This was yesterday's outfit. I adore these jeans, even though they make my body look even shorter than it already is! They're just extremely comfortable. I paired it with this elephant tank top and my indigo tank. What do you think?
I'm going to spend the next hour or so visiting everyone's blog! I haven't left comments in a long time, I miss seeing what everyone posted! Hopefully I'll visit yours!

Jeans: Forever 21
Elephant Tank: Forever 21
Indigo Tank: Target
Belt: Forever 21

Stay busy.


  1. That's a great outfit and such a cute top!

  2. Love that top!


  3. The top is just gorgeous :)I love the relaxed yet chic look of your outfit

  4. great pictures and nice hair:)

  5. you're so adorable. love the jeans. don't worry about looking short in them. it's a silly thing to worry about. my mom is super short and she used to always tell me not to tuck things in and whatnot. of course, then i grew up to be big and strong (ate all my veggies, i guess) so her anti-shortness advice was misplaced... then this year i showed her how awesome it can be to tuck stuff in.
    and now she does it all the time.
    anyway. rock the jeans. they're fantastic.

  6. I love that tank!

  7. thanks for the comment! This elephant tank is super cute!

  8. love the elephant top! much love-


According to you,


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