Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snap Out of It

According to me,
I've been an epic bum the past two weeks. Since I last posted, the only noteworthy things I've done are go to downtown Ann Arbor for an afternoon, read 3 books, and finish my Spring class.
So really, nothing noteworthy.
I just can't believe I read 3 books in 3 days. Insane. I was so absorbed by the plots though. Extremely interesting and thought provoking. I read The Joy Luck Club, Mrs. Kimble, and Shanghai Girls. All very good and I recommend them.
On a side note, I read a book called A Vintage Affair earlier this summer; all of you vintage clothes lovers would enjoy it. Go buy it!

Anyways, here's my inspiration for the next few days. I adore the hair and the tan. I plan to get a fierce (but safe!) tan next week on vacation. Wish me luck :)
How have you all been? I've acquired some new followers in my lazy absence, so I hope you enjoy visiting!
Images via fashiongonerogue.com

Stay productive! Or at least plan to.


  1. these are lovely! i love love the floral bikini! so cute!

    and way to go on the reading, 3 books in 3 days - that is pretty impressive!


  2. same here. her tan and hair are amazing!! she looks gorgeous!!


According to you,


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