Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Makeup Routine

According to me,
although I use different shades, I pretty much do the same type of makeup for my day look. I took some pictures of different parts of my process to show you all. Here ya go:

#1: Start with a fresh and clean face. I like to wash it in the shower and use Clinque's clarifying lotion and moisture surge lotion.

#2: Gather your supplies! I forgot to grab my mascara and lipstick for this picture, but that's ok.

#3: I put on the shadows, starting with the lighter color all over and using the brown to accent.

#4: I put eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids. On the top, I try to make it not too thick, but not too thin. A delicate balance haha. On the bottom, I rub it into the lash line to make it darker and stay longer.

#5: Finish the look off with mascara for sure. Nothing is complete without mascara! And if you're feeling daring, throw on a colorful lipstick and some gloss :) Voila!

Stay colorful.

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  1. Nice! Mine is pretty much the same except I do use some foundation and an eye pencil for my brows :)


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