Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To reuse or not to reuse; that is the question.

According to me,
I'm the queen of repeating pieces. I'm pretty sure you've all seen everything in this outfit except the clutch and earrings. But, when on a budget, do we really have an option?
For me, reusing is OK. I try not to repeat outfits, but I recombine the same pieces in many ways. I'm a college student with not a lot of money to spend, so I really have no other choice. When I shop for new pieces, I go for things that will work with a lot of stuff I already have. I'll buy a statement piece every once in a while, such as my nautical maxi skirt, but sometimes it's more cost effective to purchase something that will match many other things.
Is it bad that I reuse pieces very often or should I buy more to add to the mix. I'd love an honest opinion on this! Or, if you have any tips and tricks on mixing and reinventing pieces, I'd love for you to share.

(Also, I'm going to consider this a bust or must post. Bust or Must: Reusing.)

Top: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Vintage
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet: Fossil
Clutch: Target
Sandals: Payless


  1. Beautiful combination! I like to reuse too, that's the fun on creating looks is mixing around pieces in several ways :)

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  2. I say keep reusing! I wear some of my stuff once a week [sometimes twice] and I don't care, haha. :)

  3. Keep reusing, the tops looks great!!!

  4. Very cute look! Reusing is definitely ok in my book.


  5. Reusing is a must! No one has that many clothes...unless you have millions in the bank! You look awesome!

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  6. I think that the goal of most style bloggers is to utilize their closets as they best possibly can - I actually feel guilty if i've gotten a piece and haven't worn it at least three times in the first month!

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  7. I agree, keep reusing! This is such a cute outfit, I love that plaited belt! xo

  8. Super cute outfit and love your tank!

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  9. Keep reusing those pieces! There is nothing wrong with remixing your wardrobe. Even small little things like adding a scarf or a belt can make a difference and they are usually cheap (especially at the thrift stores).


  10. you have great style! and i love love love your curly hair :)


According to you,


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