Tuesday, July 12, 2011


According to me,
I had an amazing shopping day yesterday. It started off with disappointment but ended in triumph!
I went to the mall with my boyfriend and friend. I went a little earlier in order to stop at the clothing stores (there was no way I was gonna get them to go in with me!). I found a really cute pair of shorts and an interesting top (that I think I might go back and get), but those went right out of my mind when I saw these shoes:

I have wanted a pair of oxford booties for the longest time. I think they can make any outfit amazing. But, to a poor college student, a price of $26 is hard to bend to. Let me explain. I normally would say to heck with it and buy the amazing shoes for $26, but I had been saving to buy a new watch and bracelet for Fossil later that day, which isn't exactly cheap. I was in quite the pickle. So, after debating and deliberating with my boyfriend, I put the shoes from heaven back on the shelf. He encouraged me to buy them and wait on the watch, but I knew it was smarter to save my money. This obviously put me in a bit of a blue mood.
But, we passed Payless and I went in because I had a $10 gift card to use. What did I find? OXFORD BOOTIES. Not the same color, but definitely a suitable alternative. With my gift card I only paid $12. I was ecstatic.
Later that day I went and bought my new watch and bracelet. I'm in love with this watch just because it's so big! I'm definitely a fan of chunky watches. I'll be incorporating my new items into outfits soon, but for now here are some pictures of the famed items:

Have you had any tumultuous shopping excursions lately??


  1. the shoes were a really nice find! and I adore the watch! I'm loving large watches at the moment x

  2. Amazing watch and shoes! Glad you could get the boots :)


  3. all is so pretty!!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. i love the booties you got even more than the first ones! The peep toe and perforations just make them so darling.

    Your new watch is gorgeous too, wear it well!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. you changed your header! i like it! also, cute boots.

    xx clara

  6. A great find on the oxford booties! Don't you love when you win the shopping challenge and get a great score?

    I have a pair of oxford booties and I absolutely love them!

  7. Great purchases, I love Fossil


  8. Hi! Where did you see the first pair of oxfords! I love the second but looove the tan colored ones best! thanks!!

  9. Hi! Where did you see the first pair of oxfords! I love the second but looove the tan colored ones best! thanks!!


According to you,


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