Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Re-Issue Must Have.

According to me,
working at Fossil might have been the worst choice of job for me. I love working there, but I want to buy everything! Half my paychecks go down the drain because I'm surrounded by gorgeous watches and bags all day. Trust me, resisting is excruciating.
But, this is one collection I refuse to resist. All of the sales associates are in love with it. It's the new Vintage Re-Issue collection. Trust me, once you go into a Fossil store and hold one of these bags, there's no way you won't buy one. I'm going to save up for the largest one (the Weekender) because it'll work well for school. But I also love the messenger bag (the Flap with Lock). Well, to be honest, I love it all.
So what do you think of these? Are they not divine?

All images are from
The Weekender:

The Flap with Lock:

The Double Flap:

The Clutch:

P.S. I'll be spending all day at the Ann Arbor art fair! I'll try to take a lot of pictures to document the experience. I try to go every year, it's so fun! Just hope I don't suffer to much in the heat!


  1. Oh dear...I LOVE those! But I just bought a new purse last night...hahaha XD

  2. Love them both. Beaut

  3. I looove the weekender. :( It must be tough working there. I know I'd buy so much stuff if I were you!

    Castle Fashion

  4. HAHA I completely understand your frustration which is why I stopped working in retail o_O

    -Fashion Nostalgia

  5. They look somewhat like my most recent purchase... definitely love all these!

  6. these photos are such an inspiration!:)
    loves it

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  7. what an amazing bag! i love the styles with the leopard panels, so gorgeous!

  8. All of these photos are great, the bags are amazing! :)

  9. They all look amazing! Especially the ones with leopard print on them.. I would buy the Flap With Lock one.. Haha thats why I have always been afraid of working somewhere where they sell clothes.. I would never have a paycheck because all of it would go back to the company...

    All the best, Angel


According to you,


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