Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What A Surprise.

According to me,
this is painful. I had a volleyball game today, and I sprained my ankle pretty badly. The pain is not pleasant. But really, the worst part of this is that I have to use crutches. I've never used crutches before; and let me tell you, it is very difficult. And plus, I can't take outfit photos! This is very sad to me, I had a great outfit planned for tomorrow! My order from Forever 21just came. I got this great shirt that says "I see beauty in everything." I love it. I also got an olive colored braided belt.
For my outfit today, I chose this dress because it was actually very warm and sunny, and not windy! I paired it with these keds because I wanted comfy walking shoes. Do you think the pairing works?

And say farewell to outfit posts for a bit, I won't be doing much for the next few days. Sorry!

Dress: Target $10
Cardigan: Target
Hat: Forever 21 $4
Shoes: Urban Outfitters $16

Stay hopeful.


  1. sorry to hear about your injury! get better soon :)

  2. No!! So sorry to hear that. Totally understand the pain since I too played volleyball and hurt my wrist a lot of the times. Hope it heals soon and hope to see other posts!

    All the best, Angel

  3. nice outfit & i love the pic od t-shirt ;)

    I'm envious about the weather you've outside that you can go out without tights and jacket !;)

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  5. Sorry to hear about your ankle!! You still look really pretty though! Just found your blog! Looking forward to more posts!

    Monique xx

  6. OWIE!! Sorry you got hurt :( Feel better soon
    But I love this outfit :D

  7. love your colourfull cardigan ;)

  8. Love those shoes! Get well soon ;)
    xo Cara

  9. Beautiful photographs. I love your hat!

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  10. I am sorry. It would be boring without your outfits, which I love.
    I miss playing volleyball too. I love volleyball but theres no one to play it with.
    I think the pairing worked. I love that cute dress. But I would wear flats instead. Please don't get mad. Its just me. Everyone has a different opinion.
    Hope you get well soon :) <3

  11. aww no you poor thing, I hope you ankle feels better soon! loving the cardy here xx

  12. Hope the ankle healed up nicely and I LOVE your tennies!!


According to you,


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