Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful Day

According to me,
today was gorgeous and relaxing. I walked around downtown Ann Arbor, all by myself, and just browsed the shops. On top of that, it was warm and sunny out. I had a great time. I picked up a new book from Borders, and I bought two pairs of earrings from Orchid Lake. Orchid Lake is a tiny store in Ann Arbor that sells all fair trade and a lot of handmade items. The earrings I got are so neat and unique. I really love them. I'm pretty sure the bronze/silver/gold ones are going to be my first giveaway item. More details to come within the week :)

Stay beautiful.


  1. Ann Arbor as in Ann Arbor Michigan?
    My mom grew up right around there! Okay, sorry just had to say that!
    Love the earrings!


  2. gorgeous earrings!!!

    stop by!

  3. Amazing items! Guess I should spend such a relaxing day myself... :o) Maybe tomorrow!


  4. Lovely photos!

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  6. i like the owl necklace

  7. What about the owl? Tell us about the owl.


According to you,


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