Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogger Feature: Fashionably Numb

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you should all go visit Angel at Fashionably Numb. He is a relatively new blogger, but he's been quite successful. He and I connected through a group on IFB, and I'm glad we did! I love visiting his blog every day to see if he has a new post. He has such a unique and interesting approach to fashion. There are not many male bloggers are out there, but he is one to look out for. I really encourage you all to go visit him! And, we both have a love for bows! Well, me bows, and he bow ties. Here is a link to his blog. Below are some questions I asked him:

1.       What inspired you to start your own fashion blog? I think one of the biggest reasons behind my blog is that the majority of my youth, I was not able to express myself with what I wore. I went to a private christian school for 7 years and we were only allowed to dress in our casual clothes once a month with the remainder of the days stuck wearing uniforms. So I think now I am making up for those years and always experimenting with different looks.
2.       What do you enjoy most about blogging? I think that would have to be the large network of bloggers and the interaction you have with them. When I first started my blog, I did not think anyone would be interested in reading it. I have only been blogging for about six weeks, but the little feedback and comments I have received have been amazing. I also love commenting back on other blogs even if I do not follow them. I really do dislike the people who just comment asking for you to follow them. People tend to forget that networking will lead to a successful blog. So it is good to have constant communication with other bloggers.
3.       Who is your fashion icon? For men, I would probably say Tom Ford. His style is so classy and he is someone many men should look up to when it comes to men's fashion. As for women, that is a little hard to choose. I love Coco Chanel for he classy style and for paving the way for how women dress but lately, my style icon has been Anna Dello Russo. She may take looks straight from the runway, but she always adds something to spice up her outfit. No to mention the fact that she only wears an outfit once, so she is constantly surprising everyone and  keeping them entertained.
4.       What is your favorite blog to read? I have many blogs that I find interesting. I have been reading FashionToast and BryanBoy for about two years now. While I do enjoy the well established blogs, I like reading new and up an coming ones. I appreciate people who write quality, original content or do a good photo shoot. Of course I also enjoy StyleAccordingToMe, especially the amazing photos!
5.       What is your favorite current trend? Probably anything striped with bold colors. Prada really caught my attention last year when they introduced the S/S 2011 line. So I am really excited to see what other affordable retailers such as H&M will come out similar to that of Prada.
6.       Who is your favorite designer? I think it is really hard to choose just one designer. I have always loved the works of Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs for being young and trendy. At the same time, I always appreciate someone who dresses classy and I love the works of french designers like Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Lately, I have been obsessing with all the works that Christopher Bailey has been doing for Burberry. He has taken such an iconic brand and has turned it into something really edgy. It is no longer just about the trench coat or a jacket, but rather an entire wearable collection. In the end though, I would probably give it to Christopher Bailey just because I love everything Burberry.
7.       What is your favorite place to shop? I really enjoy shopping at vintage stores. I tend to find many one of a kind pieces that always catch my attention as well as other peoples. When shopping on a budget which is most of the time, I will usually go to Urban Outfitters, H&M and TopMan. Though lately, TopMan has been getting a little pricier than what it was. If I am looking for something really special for a nice event, I usually dish out a little extra cash and will go to Bloomingdales. They carry many major designers and it might be expensive, but I find that they are always having good deals and offer major discounts to people on their mailing list. One place that I would definitely recommend would be Guilt Group. It is an amazing website but you just have to make sure that you're online as soon as the sales go up because many of the items tend to sell out within a few minutes.
8.       What’s one trend you’d love to see make a reappearance? Probably 1920's fashion with flapper dresses and the elaborate jewelry they used. That or late 1960's during the hippie era. Absolutely my favorite look, hence my love for everything Anna Sui.

Stay fashionably numb.


  1. Thank you for this feature! It is always nice to get a man's perspective on fashion ;)
    xo Cara

  2. LOVE IT! so cute :)

  3. love the photos!


  4. great interview!

    xoxo from rome

  5. Hi, first time stop by yr blog!! I love yr Blog. Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?


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