Saturday, April 16, 2011


According to me,
photoshop, though difficult to use and learn, can create some pretty cool stuff. This is an image I took of my sister a while ago, and I used photoshop to give it a posterized feel. What do you think?
On another note, I'm sorry for the delay of the giveaway. It will be coming soon, I promise. I've just been crazy busy with papers, exams, and now my ankle. Thank you for being patient!

Stay patient.


  1. cool pic ;-)))

  2. Nice job! I'm scared of photoshop...

  3. really cool effect! i want photo shop but i don't want to pay for it :( so for now i use picnik alot to edit my photos, it's free and easy!

  4. Great photo, love playing around with photoshop! Now following you!

  5. great pic!!

    i'm doing a giveaway on my new blog so be sure to enter for a chance to win! it's an anthropologie item

  6. wow i like it!

    there's a giveaway on my blog! i hope that you can join!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose! = )

  7. I agree that photoshop is tricky to learn, but once you have some of the basics down, the stuff that you can do is amazing..

    All the best, Angel


According to you,


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