Friday, April 8, 2011

Gold, Green, Pearls, and Heels

According to me,
it is a good day when you finally fit back into your super skinny jeans. And that day was today. Sadly, I have been a victim of the infamous freshman fifteen. Eating in college is absurdly difficult! But, I have been eating a lot healthier lately and exercising more, and it has paid off! I bought these jeans last summer, and I can finally fit back into them! I love how they look with these booties.
Oh, and you'll have to forgive my hair again. It hasn't been laying right lately...I'll have to work on it. And plus, it was so windy out! My hair was blowing everywhere! I'm lucky I got a few with semi-normal looking hair.

Jacket: JCP $40
Jeans: Delia*s
Shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: ELLE for Khol's $20

Stay healthy.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog is really good, I'll follow, I hope you also follow me, I wait on my blog.

  2. Hi! This post is really, really dead-on. (For me, at least!) Freshman 15, ugh... I always promised myself I wouldn't fall victim to it, but it seems that wasn't quite the plan.. LOL. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the skinny jean thing, let's just say I'm still awaiting that day. ;) I really, really like your outfit here! I can never really seem to master either gold or long necklaces, let alone a combonation of the two- it just looks odd on me. You pulled it off perfectly though, and I LOVE your shoes here! (Seriously, they're from KOHLS??)

  3. those shoes are killer! & congrats on the skinny jeans! I have a pair of jeans that have been sitting in my closet for like 2 years that I can't fit into anymore... maybe one of these days!

  4. Hi!
    Great! Cute necklace :)

  5. I <3 the shoes. Where did you get them?

  6. Cute! I love the shoes and the jacket(:


  7. Haha I feel like I have that jacket that you're wearing. Love your outfit! Especially the shoes!


  8. Love your outfit, like everyone else I think the shoes are great! :) xo

  9. I love those heels. You look fabulous as usual :)

  10. you look great and have over come that freshman curse. How perfect is a great fitting pair of jeans, easy tee, and badass leather jacket.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  11. I love that necklace!!

  12. Like the colour of the shoes, I may have to invest in some in a similar colour.


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