Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indigo Love

According to me,
I love this color! It's supposed to be big this coming fall, so why not get a head start? I paired it with my favorite only white vest, skinny jeans, and some fun accessories. Plus, I have been having loads of fun with my new found photo studio. I need to figure out how to get my shoes in the frame too (I use a stationary lens), so that will be worked on.
Oh, and take note that my only poses are hands on the hips or on the head. I'm not so creative haha.
The last pictures I chose to take of the vest and tuck in the tank. I love doing this look. but I'm a bit short and rather curvy so sometimes it doesn't work the best. But, I really like how these jeans fit me, so I went for it. Gotta embrace the curves! Which look do you guys like better?

Oh, and I will finish my big summer post soon...I promise. I know I keep saying that (on twitter), but it's for real this time!

Vest: Target
Tank: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: H&M

Stay confident.


  1. Beautiful as always! =)

  2. Lovely outfit, love the necklace a lot!

  3. love the outfit! You have an amazing figure!!! Give it to me! haha

  4. lovely photos! it's hard to come up with poses. i always kinda feel stupid attempting some, i am no model! hopefully we will both get there one of these days :)


  5. great post! i love how the blue adds a pop of color to this outfit. btw i really love your layout and how your photos fit. where did you get it and how do you upload your photos for blogger? sorry about the question overload i'm trying to get HC! up and running again :)

    The Haute Californian

  6. I love indigo too! You suit it perfectly!


  7. ** I love H&M bracelets and your blu shirt :D
    Add me on facebook if you like :)

  8. I hear you girl, I love indigo too! And it looks gorgeous with white!

  9. I agree! It's so awkward being in front of the camera and all I ever do is the typical "tuck my hair behind my ear" thing and try to make it look like a candid.

  10. Haha I am the same way with my poses.. I noticed that the other. I am not that creative. You look great as always! :)

    All the best, Angel

  11. Love the color, the top looks great with the white vest. I loved how you wrote favorite (only one) that was funny! You look beautiful in the photos!


According to you,


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