Monday, March 14, 2011

Float Away

According to me,
daisies are amazing. They're such an underrated flower. They are so classic, beautiful, and calm on their own. These two pictures are from my grandmother's beautiful flower garden. Every time I look at the bright blue sky in this picture, it makes me want to float away.
The outfit I chose to go with these pictures is a very simple, very comfortable summer outfit. I plan to wear a version of this most days. I can't wait for summer!

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Dresses vintage style dress
$50 -

Forever21 rope sandal
$13 -

TopShop straw hat
$45 -

Stay comfortable.


  1. Aww! These daisies are adorable!!

  2. these photos are so beautiful and inspiring for spring. And I'm loving that outfit! Absolutely perfect!!

  3. Good pictures! I love daisies. I included you in the Versatile Blogger Award because I enjoy your blog! Don't really know much about that award but you can check the details on my blog on how you keep it going! Also check out my Anna Sui giveaway if you are interested.

    Much love! Angel

  4. i love that flower too :) you have a great blog! x

  5. great job!!I'm definetely following!
    kissez from Greece

  6. What a lovely dress, and such beautiful flowers!

  7. loove everything in the last picture!xx


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