Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bags Bags Bags

According to me,
it's sad that I no longer use bags on a daily basis. I only use a backpack, and it's not even a cute one haha. These are the current bags I'm lusting over, but sadly I don't have a reason or the money to buy them. On a happier note, this was my makeup today. Soft browns on the eyes and Glazed Berry lipstick from Clinique.

Forever21 studded handbag
$25 -

Shoulder bag
$25 -

Forever21 shoulder bag
$20 -

Expandable Leatherette Wallet
$13 -

Stay hoping.


  1. Wow, this bags are really amazing! Great selection and great blog as well :D

  2. I love your make-up! It looks so good, and those bags are great, but I bet there is probably a way to minimize the stuff you have to carry around, so you can keep everything in your pockets. I love not carrying stuff, it makes my posture better, and I never have to spend a lot of time looking for my keys.

  3. ohh, I love across body bags, great choise :)

  4. you never need a reason to buy a handbag! if i were you, i'd go treat myself :)

    really lovely blog - i'm following you now


  5. forever 21 has some cute picks lately! and lovely makeup i wish i was good at doing mine!


  6. Love the makeup! Brings out the green in your eyes! And thank you for the comment. =) Will be following!

    -Erin (


According to you,


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