Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photography: Purple Flowers

According to me,
nature is a great inspiration for fashion and style. I came across this gorgeous purple flower (yea I have no idea what kind it is) and took a bunch of pictures of it. I love how the background is so out of focus and the sun really defines the petals. I went on Polyvore and created an outfit inspired by this picture. I clipped some accessories off of Forever 21, so the collection is more affordable than yesterday! I'm working on getting all the stuff I like on to Polyvore. Enjoy :)


  1. Such a pretty flower! AND YAY the shoes!!! :D
    I also really want that Burberry dress *sigh*

  2. gorgeous photo - the colors are so vivid!

  3. Such a great picture! and perfect outfit to match :)

  4. Ok...I love your blog header! just thought you should know. Thanks for starting the IFB group...I am now following you. Hope you will stop by, say hello and follow my blog as well! Keep in touch :)


  5. (thanks! and I hope you got my email reply, sometimes people dont get them :/)

  6. Wonderful outfit! I would wear it!

    Your regular reader, Jenny

  7. What's not to like about that purple dress? Too cute. Sigh. Of course it's Burberry and, unfortunately out of my budget. But I will be looking for similar pieces in my fall shopping. Adorable blog and I'm looking forward to following.


According to you,


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