Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Geometric and Stripes

According to me,
I shouldn't be buying any new clothes...but sometimes I just can't resist! I have a very tight budget at the moment (but don't worry I just turned in four applications) so shopping is a no-no. But when I walked into H&M to buy one of their $10 bikinis (yea, $10 for top and bottom), two things really caught my eye.
First, I only bought the top of a bikini. The bottoms were a bit skimpy for my taste. The top was too cool to pass up. It has a black and white geometric pattern, and the best part is that it zips up in the front! I love it.
I also bought this awesome striped skirt. It's the type that works both as high-waisted and on the hips. I loved the stripes, and since they're in right now I had to buy it. I also found this leather bracelet. Absolutely amazing. I'll  probably be wearing this with my next 5 outfits. Both buys will work very well in my summer wardrobe.
I shouldn't have bought the skirt and bracelet, but once I saw them outfits just started to pop into my head. I'm sure you experience the same thing. So I couldn't pass them up!

Skirt: $10
Bikini Top: $5
Bracelet: $8
All from H&M

Stay splurging.


  1. Yayy shopping, haha XD
    I want to get one of the $10 bikinis but the one near my house isn't open yet XD

  2. great finds! i need a new bathing suit for the summer, we are getting an H&M in denver soon I will have to check it out!



  3. i like it!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. Owow what great finds! Can always count on H&M to get me through the heated seasons...love the graphics!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. I adore the stripey backdrop too! The blue and red reminds me of the french flag! <3Parisian


  6. yeah, yesterday I walked H&M, and was thinking this striped dress^^


  7. I love the bracelet! I wish there was an H&M near me!



  8. $10 for a bathing suit?? Usually you pay like $50 for each piece. Thats what I love about H&M. You always find good clothes at dirt cheap prices..



According to you,


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