Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively

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this post was originally done on May 11 2011, but I'm reposting it now because Blogger had some technical difficulties.
I love Blake Lively, she has great style. Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but she has some imperfections that she pulls off well. Her hairline is crazy! But her hair always looks luscious and beautiful. I've also noticed she tends to purse her lips most of the time; but, her smile is still amazing.
Here are some of my favorite outfits from her, and one I put together that's inspired by her. I'd love to wear this soon, but the weather has been insanely hot, so I don't think I'll be wearing a black T with a blazer any time soon!

Stay lively.


  1. I love her! She's so stylish

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  2. i love blake lively - she is one of favorites, so so very stylish! i am actually going over my girlfriends tonight for a gossip girl date :)

  3. i love love love her!!! she is for sure one of my style icons! the outfit you put together looks so great... can't wait to see it on!

    xo, allie

  4. I love her sooo much! I can't wait to see you wear that outfit, it looks awesome! :D

  5. i love her style!!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. She has amazing style. Now that she is working and is good friends with Karl Lagerfeld, she gets amazing clothes! Who wouldn't want free Chanel anything??


  7. Blake's got such amazing style, full stop. Love her and her show!

  8. I love Blake Lively! She's such a great actress and she has amazing style!
    Love this post! (:



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