Monday, December 10, 2012

Miranda Kerr Street Style

According to me,
Miranda Kerr admittedly has great style. Although we all hate her for having such a gorgeous body and being a VS model, you have to love her for her natural beauty and great outfits. I've pulled together a few that I've really been liking lately. They've definitely been inspiring me! Not that I've worn great clothes lately; it's finals week for me and I'm swamped!
I love the way she rocks skinny jeans with an assortment of great tops and fun shoes. She definitely isn't afraid to rock multiple statement pieces at once and always has a great balance to her looks. So, as a break from studying, here's some eye candy.


  1. I love Miranda, she is such an inspiration. Vanessa

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  3. I definitely agree with you. Her natural beauty and effortlessly chic style just inspires me with my own fashion choices. She's gorgeous!

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  4. Miranda has such great effortless style,great picks1
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According to you,


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