Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pick Me up

According to me,
what's better than a little blog-browsing to ease the tension of studying for exams? In my opinion, not much. It's a great way to take a short break and get the brain goin'. Here's what's catching my eye right now.

These are from some of the blogs we all know and love. I can never get enough. But, the most inspiring lately has definitely been I love how she styles all of her outfits.

To all of you college fashionistas out there, good luck on final exams. Hopefully yours will be over soon too!


  1. I basically LOVE everything Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wears! Especially that gingham dress. To die for.

  2. I love the shoes in the third picture :) Lovely selections

  3. Awesome inspiration! I can spend HOURS browsing the blogosphere ; )

  4. Choosing the best dress with you , you should have some really nice leather embossed hobo bags or the different style Black Leather Hobo Handbags at cwmalls with you , that's the best decision!

  5. great looks! I love that pearl and gold bracelet, so so beautiful.

    hugs, Vanessa


According to you,


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